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9:30 am - 10:30 am Sunday School for All Ages

10:45 am - 12:00 pm Worship Service




We are a small church where getting acquainted is fairly easy, and nearly everyone takes part in the service and ministry of the church. We eat together every 3rd Sunday, at the "Sit Down Sunday Dinner". We have opportunities to learn about the life of Christ, about our world, and to grow in love. We are committed to building a sense of neighborhood in the area, and in Tulsa.

Monthly Newsletter


  A Message From Twila

It is a personal delight for me to serve as the pastor of St. Paul's United Methodist Church. I have served rural and city churches in my 27 years of ministry, and this small, urban church has new aspects of fellowship and service each year. There is a respect for the 100+ year history, and an openness of hearts to provide a real and relevant atmosphere of spiritual nurture and challenge for people of today, of Tulsa, and of the Cherry Street neighborhood.

Our hope is that every person who wants to live a meaningful life will find a faith community where they can explore, question, connect, and be supported in times of need, and supportive of the needy in other times. Perhaps St. Paul's will be that faith community for you. If you visit, you will be welcomed and left to discern in your own spirit whether this is where you will connect and grow in faith.

Twila Gibbens